All About Attitude
Awareness Balance Calm

Tai Chi class details for Goolwa, Strathalbyn and Milang


Nature shows us every day. Ever changing, adapting, as we play.
Nurture and nourish yourself, create stepping stones to better health.


Simply put - If you want to change, you need to be prepared to do something different.
All About Attitude cares about people. We realize the uniqueness of everyone
and enjoy being alongside people who have a desire to improve their own well being.
Using the timeless principles of Tai Chi as a guide we create simple steps towards better health.
Simple approaches, developing skills gently, supporting a ‘can do’ attitude to life.
Try it and see, you may be surprised like I was.

Awareness - Feeling tension release, what you can do easily to relax.
Balance -  Ride the wave of going in and out of balance without falling off!
Calm -  Not forcing, breathing and learning what helps you feel better every day.






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